Fairtrade Canada’s Good Karma

karmaHave you heard? Just in time for Fairtrade Fortnight, Fairtrade Canada is bringing karma back in a big way.

Launching May 1st, the new awareness campaign will aim to bring people together over social justice, sustainability, or other warm and fuzzies.

So what is the Fairtrade Karma Campaign? It’s a chance for consumers to pay it forward. The ask is simple: do something good, and pass it on. Whether it’s helping your neighbour mow his lawn or switching to Fair Trade sugar, the possibilities are endless, and each gesture adds up to help make this world a better place.

FTOÉ won’t be taking the Fairtrade Karma Campaign lying down, either. Keep an eye out for dozens of chances over the summer to share in the good spirit and maybe even give a little back yourself. On our agenda: everything from frequenting farmers’ markets to hanging out on street corners in our fancy new t-shirts, not to mention the Take a Sip event that will kick off another great summer for FTOÉ! Really, we’ll be making sure you’re (almost) getting sick of us, just because we’re everywhere, spreading the love. If you want to get in on organizing the fun, be sure to get involved with FTOÉ!

And hey–the karma heart will even match our banana suits. Coincidence? We think not.

The Fairtrade Karma Campaign kicks off on May 1st and will run till year’s end.

Extreme FTOÉ Makeover!

screenshotIn case you haven’t noticed, FTOÉ’s website has recently gotten a whole lot sexier. Not only have we got a beautiful new layout designed by JRD, we also have more info, a more easily-accessed blog, and way more pictures to please one’s eyeballs. The new website is all about the FTOÉ community: the people behind Fair Trade in the capital, the amazing work that’s happening within FTOÉ, and supporters like you, who make everything possible! Please enjoy the new website, let us know what you think, and don’t be shy to send our Communications peeps a message if something particularly embarrassing happens.


Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable organizes and participates in many local and nation-wide events in order to promote Fair Trade in Ottawa as well as raise awareness about Fair Trade issues. Whether we’re promoting Fair Trade chocolate at Halloween, participating at community events, handing out free Fair Trade breakfasts, celebrating World Fair Trade Day, or partnering with local groups to support a variety of ethical and sustainable initiatives, we need your support! Help us make a difference by donating today.

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Take a Sip for Fair Trade 2013!

FAIR TRADE OTTAWA ÉQUITABLE cordially invites you to Take a Sip for Fair Trade!

Saturday, May 11th, 2013 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm at The Cube Gallery, 1285 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, Ontario.

This will be the Fair Trade event of the season, bringing together Fair Trade and local foods to showcase the best of Ottawa and beyond. The evening will include friends, special guests, city councillors and representatives from various organizations throughout Ottawa.

We are proud to have inspiring guest speakers, including Paul Dewar, MP for Ottawa Centre, and Jennifer Williams from Camino. There will also be fantastic musical entertainment, a silent auction and more!

This fundraiser supports Fair Trade Ottawa in various community outreach events and campaigns throughout the year and will go directly towards helping Ottawa become a Fair Trade city.

Tickets are $30, which includes a specialty Fair Trade cocktail. Buy your tickets now!

Tickets also available for purchase at both Ottawa Ten Thousand Villages locations. (371 Richmond Road and 1174 Bank Street)

Thank you to our silent auction donors:

Fable Naturals

Ten Thousand Villages

Didi Bahini

4 O’clock Tea

Y-Focus Fair Trade Sports balls


Equator Coffee Roasters

Enviro Centre

Monkey Froufrou

Terra 20