Ongoing projects

Petition to the City of Ottawa

Launched in June 2011, FTOÉ developed a petition to show public support of Ottawa becoming a Fair Trade town. This petition, which continues to collect signatures targets city Councilors to encourage them to adjust the Ethical procurement Policy to include more concrete terms on Fair trade. They are also needed to pass a motion in favour of Ottawa becoming a Fair Trade town. Their support is invaluable to the Fair Trade cause.

Business scouting

As stipulated by Fair trade Canada in order to achieve Fair Trade town status, Ottawa must have at least 102 stores that carry two or more Fair Trade Certified products and a minimum of 51 cafes and restaurants carrying two or more Fair Trade Certified products. With such a large task at hand, FTOÉ is always actively looking for new places that carry Fair Trade products.

Connecting consumers with businesses

We want to make it as easy as possible to connect consumers with places that carry Fair Trade products and our Fair Trade Finder is our tool for connectivity. Although currently being updated so as to be more user-friendly, the Fair Trade Finder is easiest way for individuals to make sustainable change.

Awareness building

FTOÉ participates in various events and projects throughout the community, which allow us to interact with the residents of Ottawa. We are always keen to encourage dialogues and participate in discussions whereby people are able to talk about Fair Trade, learn the details of it and ask as many questions as possible. Overall we want people to buy what they think they should be buying, whether it’s Fair Trade or not, while still making sure that they are asking questions so that what they do buy is consistent with their own personal values.

School outreach

We’re working with both the University of Ottawa and Carleton to get Fair Trade Campus status which is similar to achieving fair Trade Town status; there are goals they have to meet and we do what we can to help.

Building connections

We’re constantly trying to connect with other initiatives that are operating in Ottawa to build solid relationships. Other than our natural interest in the work of other activist groups, a Fair Trade town goal is that “other ethical and sustainable initiatives are supported in the community”. Our approach to this task is to encourage general sustainability, environmental progress, social justice, human rights and the like by partnering and supporting other initiatives that focus on these issues. By working together, cooperatively we can affect significant positive change throughout our whole community.

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